Story of 12_#2: Paressia: Publishing Fresh Voices For The Future

On Parresia and Publishing: Lovely insights through the eyes of co-partner, Richard Ali as told beautifully by Santi ‘Femi.



It’s a sunny afternoon and I am meeting Richard for the first time. We have had interactions before, exchanging phone calls a couple of times and we have chatted both on Facebook and via BBM. Richard Ali, my dear friend, who in the course of the evening would make the outrageous claim that he is a petite-narcissist most days when the sun is high except “on Thursdays, Saturdays and on Tuesdays before 11:45” takes a break from a conversation with his friend, Bunmi Familoni, as I approach. I take him in as he rises to his full height to give a hug. He is a short, stout man with a super imposing aura. His head is almost without hair – a part baldish and the rest with tiny roots of hair. His pair of glasses: thick lenses! That’s all that I can say about them. His English has a tint…

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