Men too love (Spoken Word) by Ene Odaba

In the warmth of her arms he felt safe
As though he was not huge and big
And she was not small and skinny
Fought in a war a few hours ago
His hands stained with blood
He still loved to stay there forever
Another man she belonged to

Missed a game in the forest
Still bitter in heart
His gun quite loaded in his hands

Even now he was behind
The love nest: red and ruthless!
Only her screams could be heard now

Holding his lifeless arm
For love had made her adulterous
Forced in a covenant she despised
Dragged like she was curse herself

Into the world for all to see her shame
No man would behave unusual
So the world: they raised stones and tongues on her

She died looking to heaven

With tears gushing down her lifeless face

After the world took judgment and killed its own

He miserably strode home

Half hoping to see her again

Men too love (Read a touching story here...)

Men too love (Read a touching story here…)

Could not bear the void home

And so a heart

Upon his gun he swallowed a bullet

Leaving the world behind to say

Men, too, love…


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