Iyaniwura; Mother is gold

For mothers, everywhere….a poem from Salisu.

a.m. salisu

Iyaniwura; Mother is gold.
She who kept you safe,
from harms way.
She who wanders,
hell and paradise,
assuring you flourish,
in her own path,
or even her Creator’s,
as She plays with fire (fate),
and death (destiny).
She who walks the path;
one dare not say.
She who suffers the pain
while you lie there, comely, unaware.
She who runs round and round
every corners, thirsty,
tirelessly, still.
She who had spoken to God,
She begged, and He heard.
She who had spoken to Satan,
She warned, and He heed.
She who fought gods and goddess, still.
for you,
She mounts all,
She never dies,
Even if. Soever, She was never.
She who keep living,
She who had never died,
Till date. She lives. Valued.
Because, She (Mother) is gold; Iyaniwura.

Salisu (19th Feb. 2015)

ping; http://utteredsilences.wordpress.com/2015/02/18/iyaniwura/

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