We are proud to announce that starting from today, SEVHAGE Publishers in collaboration with SEVHAGE Literary and Development Initiative and in some cases, other creative bodies or like organisations will be publishing some e-books across the genres to celebrate literature and the word especially as presented from Africa.

The Rainbow Lied (A SEVHAGE Flood Anthology of Short Stories)

The Rainbow Lied (A SEVHAGE Flood Anthology of Short Stories)

It is our hope that through this means we will be able to offer something works worth chewing to the rich appetite of the reading world. Editors for the projects include multiple award winning poets and writers, Hyginus Ekwuazi, Tubal Cain, Maik Ortserga, our Executive Officer, Su’eddie Vershima Agema, and Debbie Iorliam.

The first books we shall be publishing is A Basket of Tales (an anthology of short stories) done in collaboration with the Association of Nigerian Authors (Benue State Chapter). Next, we shall be releasing an international collection of poems that celebrate women. The poetry project on women comes in honour of the month of March which has been a month of the woman with such events as World Women Day and International Mothers’ Day… and above all, everyday is a day worth celebrating women because the world goes round simply because they exist.

SEVHAGE will also be starting weekly publication of interviews and reviews of books from around the world. The idea is to create awareness about books and writers in a society where this cannot be over-emphasized. This will be done on our review blog, SEVHAGE Reviews. Interested in sending us reviews or if you want us to consider reviewing your book, send a mail to with the subject ‘BOOK REVIEW’. We will get back to you on it. We already have a healthy amount of requests for reviews at the moment but will try to review as many as we can in what time we can.

It is our hope that by doing this, by being able to have these books out; being able to spread the word on literature, people will be inspired to write more, read more and (do we dare hope?) live better.

Thank you.

Ene Odaba
Asst. Administrative Officer

A Basket of Tales

A Basket of Tales


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