In 2012, Nigeria witnessed a flood. It was a result of the opening of the Lagdo dam. The reality of several families was changed. Lots of lives were lost, properties destroyed, homes swallowed and camps erected. It was a touching time for this nation and brought home what a lot of people had only seen on television or read in papers.

In a bid to record this and also find a way to bring healing, SEVHAGE and Whiteline Publishers in collaboration with SEVHAGE Literary and Development Initiative made a call for entries for its flood tales and flood songs collection. There was an enthusiastic and overwhelming response from different amazing writers around the world.

The Editors for the Flood Songs, which was eventually named The Promise this time was not a Flood was led by Professor Hyginus Ekwuazi, multiple award winning poet, scholar, film maker and lecturer at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Other members of the editorial panel included a rich poetic cast that included award winners and editors, all of them fine verse weavers including Tubal Cain, Su’eddie Vershima Agema, Debbie Iorliam, Servio Gbadamosi and Maik Ortserga. Su’eddie Vershima Agema was to handle the Flood Tales later named The Rainbow Lied.

All was put in place for the publication in 2013 but things did not turn out as planned. To borrow the cliché, a lot of water had to pass under the bridge for the collection to get to its refining point. After the long wait, we are however pleased to announce the schedule for the release of the SEVHAGE Flood Collections. You have here, the covers and we shall be bringing out the books free for download in PDF by next week – yes, you can be sure we will let you know afore hand. Meanwhile, you can find the covers by clicking HERE.

Due apologies to everyone for the long wait. Better late than never, yes? Hold on, it is only hours to the time when you shall have your work on your screens. The printed version? Modalities are being worked on that. In the end, copies might be done based on print-on-demand.

May the times bring us all to far better. Amen.

Su’eddie Vershima AGEMA
Team Leader, SEVHAGE Literary and Development Initiative



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