memory’s hold for our mothers (excerpt from a poem, for mothers) by su’eddie vershima agema

…at midnight You arrived home
wearing Your tiredness like a coat

after a seventeen hour shift

Your eyes met my shivering frame
and motherly instinct undressed Your weariness
to pick Your boy
Your feet became wings to fly us both
to the nearest hospital miles away

we had silence for our companion
and when it became too comfortable
a sob from You or some more clattering from me
we found the home of healing after an eternity of walking;
me on Your back like a rider on a donkey

when the next morning came
i was well enough to smile my way to another day
You simply took your bath and found the road to work again


the chapters roll on quickly and i find myself years away:
our tale has made me a man seeking bread for my mouth
and the boy who took a ride on your back
wears the beard of a goat
walking the streets to seek remnants of a wealth
that hides in the past of a country whose resources
lie in the pocket of few fat fools who live that all else might die
i scratch two notes together and they light a small spark
to quench the cold of my phone’s recharge balance

Your voice sneaks in a whisper on the other side
a laugh only You can conjure appears in my mind
i try to translate it to words
but You cut me short:
hello son… I can’t talk much… the boss is watching
and I have hours to clock before I close…

(published 2015 shutters off: tales in verse)

Su’eddie  Vershima Agema is the author of 3 poetry collections and a short story collection. He won the Association of Nigerian Authors Joint Prize for Poetry 2014. He can be reached on Twitter @sueddieagema


2 thoughts on “memory’s hold for our mothers (excerpt from a poem, for mothers) by su’eddie vershima agema

  1. Memories indeed. I remember mother, too.

    Su’eddie, don’t you think a Mother would have being God’s mistake if she were never created?

    May the years bow for every good mother out there.

    1. Indeed, the absence would have been most present if ever such a thing happened… We thank God for the grace he gave us to have them. May they always find grace, peace and contentment in the walks of our lives. Truly, Mother reigns supreme – Nneka. May the years bow, Innocence, may the years bow for every mother out there like the palms to the wind. The years will bow.

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