LATE NIGHT HUSTLE (A Short Story) by Otene Ogwuche

Okoh had been plying the Makurdi roads since 9pm that night. He was unusually late in coming out to work because the rains had come and the rain just would not stop that fateful day, it was as if the gods were mourning the loss of one of them. Finally, he was able to go out, he needed to make some cool cash, Maria was visiting the next day and she always had one demand motorcyclistor the other, but that is another story.

It was almost 2AM when Okoh decided to call it quits for the day and go home, “No be only me be Okada wey need money abeg”, he thought to himself as he turned his bike around to head home from the usual spot in front of TC Wine Bar. However, as he approached the T-Junction before Tito Gate, he saw a young man frantically flagging him down, well, no harm in one more run he thought. So he stopped for the young man who seemed to be in a hurry to get home, maybe. He had a small black cellophane bag in his hand.

The odd shape of the bag made Okoh suspicious, but he asked the guy anyway, “where? “Rovers Hotel, Otukpo Road”, came the reply.  “Ehmmm… your money na 300 Naira oga! Haba! I’ll pay 200 Naira”, said the man. “Let’s go”, Okoh agreed because Rovers Hotel was along the way to his house anyways.

As they made their way past Mr. Biggs towards High Level Round-a-bout, Okoh kept wondering, what the guy had in his bag and why he would not stop fidgeting. “Oboy! Siddon well now! He admonished him severally.

On approaching the area just after the Police Zone 4 HQ, before the Government Model School, the young man seemed to bend down to reach for his bag. Okoh was so frightened by the sudden movement that he reacted quickly, grabbed the man by the leg with his left hand and flung him off the bike. Steadying himself, he continued on his way without even a backward glance.

However, curiosity got the better of him so he doubled back taking the road by the NNPC mega station and connecting the road before Zone 4 HQ. He stopped a fellow Okada man coming from the direction where he threw the guy off and inquired of him,

“Wetin happen for that side?”

“My brother! Na wan Okada fling one bad boy from im machine together with gun wey e carry o! Police don carry the boy go sef”.

Okoh kept his opinion to himself and rode home quietly, taking the same route back.

He continued to ponder on what would have happened if…


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