Sevhage Literary Festival 2015: Call For Submissions

Let’s see you do this!



Sevhage Literary Festival 2015 Sevhage Literary Festival 2015

This is to call for submissions for the Sevhage Literary Festival 2015 forthcoming combined e-anthology of creative non-fiction, short fiction, and poetry. The Festival is billed to hold in Makurdi, Benue State on Friday 16th-Saturday 17th October with the theme ‘MAKING WORDS COUNT’.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Entries must be original works of the entrants; and themed on the effects of rape on victims, as the Festival wants to positively explore how creative writing can contribute in the fight against sexual abuse in the society amongst others.
  2. Entries in the two genres by a same entrant are allowed.
  3. Maximum of 2 poems per entry and each poem must not exceed 30 lines maximum.
  4. Maximum of 2 short stories per entry with a maximum word count of 1200.
  5. Maximum of 1200 word count for the creative non-fiction entries.
  6. No entry fee is required…

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