The Bold Step (A Poem) by Su’eddie Vershima Agema

A poem starts with a word
Like the cry that accompanies birth…
Birth the beginning of the travails and travels
That marks every one of us…

Whose life is devoid of strife?
Where does one go to find the endless bliss
Where contentment resides with endless peace?

Time stretches to knock us all
As we rise and fall
At different points
Seeking a reason for this journey we all walk through
This paradox of happiness and agony
Day and night
A picture of delight and blight…

But to each of us is given a load
One that opens the road
To boundless gifts
Gifts that will bring relief
Indeed, raise several from grief
And plant smiles in hearts on end

The journey of a million miles begins with a … BOLD STEP
One left placed forward over the right
Stretching…one right before the next left…
One step…
The bold step…

The bold step….
Hands on a hoe tilling to fill bellies with food
The bold step…
Heads cracking with ideas to raise souls above every gloom
The bold step…
Lights raised to pierce darkness and destroy doom
The bold step…
Races to classroom to get ideas, cook them and serve to a waiting world…

The bold step is putting yesterday into an oven
Picking its pieces
And serving a today that will give strength for the journey of tomorrow
The start of something to cure our looming sorrow…
The bold step…
Is saying yes to everything right when NO is the voice of the people all around

We have our gospel to preach
We have our lessons to teach
There are places our tales must reach
The bold step… what the hell are you waiting for?

The bold step is more than  an ejaculation
That makes you shout ohhhh
it is continuing interjections from others
Shouting ahhhh
As you overcome objections
That defy the norm to set new instructions
For those who still crawl.

The bold step is that which will make you rep
Your generation as you cruise from zone to zone
Coast to coast as you become the toast of several boasts.

So, whether it is to make one person happier
To write one more paper
Or do just one more projeect
Take that step…
And forever willwill ensure you will always find grace in all your ways.


(Read at the NFCS Dream seminar, Obafemi Awolowo University,  Ife. 28th November 2015)


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