What is new? A lot.

We have been busy at SEVHAGE working on different things and lovely books. We just did a book, Change is Going to Come by Tope Fasua. It is a collection of deep essays that explore a lot on national growth and perspectives on Nigeria from the respected economist, my friend, Tope Fasua. The book is divided into 9 chapters, supported by a Preface, an introduction of sorts, and an epilogue.

I met Tope first at a reading organised by the Abuja Writers’ Forum some years back. He read from his book, Crushed. You should listen to him and I know a lot of people do. He is a regular face on television channels especially when they need someone to say things on the economy that normal humans like us would understand. Well, when I listened to him, I


Tope Fasua

knew I wanted to get his book. But that wasn’t to be then. Pocket issues J The next time we met was in 2013 at another reading by the Abuja Writers’ Forum. He was a guest reading from his book, Things to do before your Career Disappears. (I was also a guest reading from Bring our casket home alongside the beautiful artist and writer, Numero Unoma). The book speaks about how we need  By the time we were leaving, the people were smiling more at Tope who arrested all our attention. He makes so much sense when he talks and yeah, it translates to his books. So… you can imagine why I feel good that we got to do this together with him. But let’s stick to this book…

The book is Change is Going to Come. Yeah, some of you would go like: I know, APC! But the book is far more than politics. It is a book of interrogation on questions such as the true definition of change and its practicability in Nigeria and developing nations. It is a compilation of some of the recent thoughts of Fasua on a lot of things. To borrow from Change will come cover2the blurb, it contains common-sensical but overlooked solutions to problems such as the proper use of resources, thinking right socially and politically, and being realistic in an unrealistic environment. The conversational tone of the book is another thing that will catch you!

I don’t mean to boast but it takes something for someone to believe in a book right up to working it up to press. I think this is a really book and one you should get. Of course, that is if you have the interest of your country at heart and want to have a proper idea of things going on with it. You can make enquiries or orders for it at You can also hit me up on Twitter @sueddieagema

In the light of a lot of things going on in Nigeria, I think it is only right that we begin to think deep and understand much of the issues within our sphere. So, let’s start reading more, let’s have more sensible debates and more, let’s all play our part in making this country better.

If you haven’t done it, please visit and sign up. We have only one country, let’s do our all for it. Cheers!


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