We at SEVHAGE are proud to release our poetry collection, The Promise this time was not a flood. It has taken some time to put this together but I think it has been time well worth it. WE made the original public call in 2013 and have been doing serious work since then. The team of editors include award winning poets Hyginus Ekwuazi, Tubal Rabbi Cain, Servio Gbadamosi, Debbie Iorliam and, Su’eddie Vershima Agema.

The Promise e-cover (1)There are different engaging poems from diverse authors here. Some of the finest quality from the aging beauty of J. P. Clark, Niyi Osundare, Ezenwa-Ohaeto, to the continuing grace of Hyginus Ekwuazi, Musa Idris Okpanachi, Emman Usman Shehu, Chuma Nwokolo, amu nnadi, Bose Ayeni-Tsevende, Eriata Oribhabor, Ebi Yeibo, g’ebinyo ogbowei, to Unoma Nguemo Azuah. There are the refreshingly fresh voices of Obari Gomba, Omadachi Oklobia, Agatha Aduro, Iquo Eke, Okwy Obu, Rasaq Gbolahan, Maik Ortserga, Sibbyl Whyte, Adeola Opeyemi, Sewuese Leah Anyo, Yakori Muhammed, Sam Baki to Rikimaru Tenchu. Admittedly, there are a few voices here and there that are somewhat gruff but what they might lack in skill, they find in soul. That, more than anything else, has earned them a spot. For in the end, isn’t poetry mainly passion and heart? But it isn’t a strictly Nigerian thing as this roll call suggests. There are poets representing Ghana, Tanzania and a few other countries here.

In the several lines and verses that mark the entirety of this book, lie an ode to nature and the floods, a note to emotions and the human spirit in ways far beyond any one experience, an offering to the several people whose lives were affected by the floods – and we have not restricted it to the waters alone. May we remember to make each moment count and when we can, guard against any such occurrence as would cause so much destruction to leave us sad.

To download, please click HERE… and do give us feedback at We hope to release our short fiction Featured Image -- 355collection in February, so fingers crossed on that … 😉

Many thanks and feel free to share. Cheers!




  1. Reblogged this on Su'eddie in Life n Literature and commented:

    Here is our flood collection featuring Yemie Omerah, Zika Olofin, Agatha Aduro, Hyginus Ekwuazi, and other really lovely names that will leave you smiling – or thinking, at least. There’s much to life and floods. Do read, do share and let us have your thoughts to ‘’…
    Thanks and wherever life takes you today, don’t let any downness keep you in a mood. You can get out of it, if you set your heart there. No flood is enough to wash away the beauty of happiness that lies deep in you. Bring it up, smile more and make each second count.

    Much lv, S’

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