This has been a long time coming; the SEVHAGE Chapbook series and of course, Agatha Aduro‘s first poetic dance. The series hopes to celebrate the best of poetry from fresh and established voices over time. Other authors lined up in the series are Innocence Silas and Aondosoo Andrew Labe.

Please download the chapbook by clicking THE ENCHANTING CHAPBOOK – Agatha Aduro.


Agatha Aduro is a poet of great range, daring and sensitivity whose rich-veined lines turn up harvests of startlingly fresh images and musical prodigiousness. It’s a fortune to stay in the company of poems shaped by such a delicate hand, imbued with lyricism, emotional power and thematic breadth.

  • Okey Ndibe, author of Foreign Gods Inc., Arrows of Rain, and Never Look an American in the Eye


You will want to read these lines slowly, for their surprised metaphors, sensual depth and plangent images, beautifully painted. These verses are observed from a place of both distance and engagement, gifting them with novelty and empathy. Sometimes romantic, sometimes taut with mental rigor, the poems are occasionally both. Yet, what are, consistently, is enjoyable.

  • Chuma Nwokolo, author of Final Testament of a Minor God


The Enchanting and other poems is a most delightful read. So much ground is covered in few poems. Agatha Aduro’s latent fierce feminism comes through in this verse as does the lover in her but above all, what screams the loudest and in the most eloquent tones is her humanity.

  • Abubakar Adam Ibrahim, multiple award winning author of Whispering Trees and Season of Crimson Blossoms


Beautifully written yet fiercely humane. This is poetry and promise locked in music.

  • Servio Gbadamosi, author of A Tributary in Servitude and winner, ANA Prize for Poetry 2015


The Enchanting is a book of living metaphors confined within the holds of bursting verses; an adventure on lettered pages. It is refreshing to read poets like Agatha Aduro who know how to trigger all our senses in one fell swoop.

  • Kukogho Iruesiri Samson, multiple award winning author of What can words do and These words are mine.


Even the casual reader of The Enchanting and other poems cannot help being enthralled. Poem after poem slips into another as various thoughts are explored near seamlessly, showing a firmness of hand that does not hide the soft touch of the heart of the poet.

  • Su’eddie Vershima Agema, multiple award winning author of Home Equals Holes: Tale of an Exile and Bring our Casket Home: Tales one shouldn’t tell.


Happy reading, SVA.



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