Lord of the Books

On one of those days, we had a walk and it inspired a post from the lovely Belle, Agatha Aduro who blogs at http://lifeandtheotherhalf.wordpress.com (you should visit that site often). Well, go and read and let’s have your thoughts.

agatha's Blog

Writing is like riding a bike… when you fall down, get right back on it.

Excuse me a while I look for my bike.

Or better still, just lend me yours.


It’s been a while. I have missed you guys.

Very often, I hear this statement in many forms: ‘Nigerians do not read’ (See also: ‘Young people do not read.’ ‘The Nigerian Youth lack a reading culture’). I have always wondered what it really means. For example, I’m young and a Nigerian and I read books. A lot of books. Majority of my friends fall in the same category and they read books. Heck, they write books!
Then some people take it a step further; if you’re reading certain types of books, you can’t hope to be taken seriously as a reader. Wait; let me be sure I understand what you’re saying. Presently, I’m reading Mo Yan’s ‘Red Sorghum’…

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