A beautiful opening poem from Laura Kaminski. Enjoy.

The Ark of Identity


There’s that other story
almost everybody knows, the one
where God tells Moses
he’s been picked to go

and deliver ultimatums
about slaves and freedom
to the Pharaoh.

Moses, less than enthusiastic:
not me, I’m not keen to be
a messenger, I can’t even
speak without a stutter.

God says: take your
brother with you, let him
do all the talking.

Summits with magicians,
demonstrations, altercations,
all the ordinary threats
plagues and developments

that one expects
in conferences like this
about oppression.

Finally they manage
to get out of there, even
though they have to walk
across a Sea to do it.

Finally, it’s over. Moses
has fulfilled his mission,
is looking forward to vacation.

He steps out of the crowd
and climbs a mountain,
ready for reward, hoping
for an airlift back to Eden.

At the summit there’s
a bush, on fire but not

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