Mad People. Darkness. Light.

lagos bustop

Lagos took away my soul a long time ago

I have since become this dark soul

Angry. Always Angry.

Like every other person in this city that reeks of


So there’s this bus which I am about entering

I notice there is only one person in front

I hurry to the front door

“It’s just for one”. The guy sitting there says

I am about going to the back when the driver starts screaming like the mad man that he is; “Shey you no see only one person you still dey ask question ni? Or abi you want make the man lap you?”

I do not understand why someone should be this angry in the morning

I look at my time; 6:30am.

Oluwa o!!!!!!

I am developing a thick skin for their madness too and so I hhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssss – yes, this long; I am a very good hisser.


I am also giver and a leaver.

I can leave my #100 change for a keke man just because I think he needs it more than I do, but this was before I came to Lagos and some days in Lagos too.

Few weeks ago, this mad conductor and his driver took us from CMS.

We were supposed to stop at Ajah market.

You won’t believe what these mad men did, they stopped us somewhere after Lekki and said they couldn’t continue the journey.

“Oya, all of you come down make we find bus put una”

We waited for about 30minutes before we could even get buses with at least one free space.

Ask me why these men refused to follow their own end of the bargain by dropping us at Ajah and I would say; I DO NOT KNOW, BUT THIS IS MADNESS AT WORK.

The conductor was owing an elderly woman and I #50 respectively.

He gave us #100 to sort ourselves out.

When we got to Ilaje – Ajah Market we spent like 30 minutes looking for two #50 notes.

Usually, I would say “It’s okay ma, you can keep the change”

But I swear, I have become this mean person. We walked through different stalls, until this woman selling friend potatoes gave us two #50 notes.

This scenario repeated itself few days ago.

I entered a keke from UBA house to CMS. Keke man didn’t have change.

This time around, I had to split the #100 with a man.

Me and this man walked to the park looking for change, until he finally said

“My dear, keep the change”

My heart melted instantly.

He entered the bus stopping at Jakande

I entered a different bus stopping at Ajah.

I will never forget this stranger.

There is hope. A ray of light found its way into my “dark soul”

I hope it stays for a while.


One thought on “Mad People. Darkness. Light.

  1. Now You owe someone that kindness that was shared……

    Lagos owes You no mercy…..

    You just need to show Lagos You won’t lose yourself in her madness…

    That’s how I deal with Lagos madness…..
    But, I was born to triumph…..Not to survive…

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