About winning an International Poetry Prize

Thoughts on International Prizes and something that happens once in a while: poetry pays! 🙂 Nice one Neofloetry.


A tad bit about the Brunel International African Poetry Prize 2017 and the fear of winning a poetry competition.

As a Poet who loves to read and know about what is happening in the world of poetry, it is my pleasure to announce to us that Poetry pays! We are in a society where most people have this inate belief that nothing good is in writing or performing poetry. Because of this, a lot of young writers have subjected themselves into permanent or temporary hiding of their creative writing abilities. One thing i know is that if you are consistent and serious with your career path in ‘Poetry and Creative writing’, you will surely get to a place of recognition, where Poetry will actually begin to pay you.

For many of us, poetry seems to be something we just like to do whenever we are bored or as a hobby…

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