Hello Beautiful People,

It’s been a while. I have been trying to stop ranting about my experiences in Lagos. I mean, It’s not like I’m the only one living in this city. I am learning to just observe and internalize my experiences. To breath. Act dumb. Sometimes. 

The sole reason I decided to come to Lagos was just because of the different literary activities. I wanted to be part of it. Talking about books, going for book readings, getting my books signed and meeting fellow book nerds and creatives are things I want to do forever. Lagos is giving me that space. chance. opportunity. To interact.


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Kolatubosun was in Charge!

So this particular reading was organized by Ouida books and hosted by Patabah book store, held on Sunday May 14th. It was such a great time as we got to listen to Ayobami and Odafe talk about their influences, background, writing style and themes. What I found amusing was that Ayobami has a very encouraging mum – as she comes from a family of readers; while Odafe had a not so encouraging dad. Yet, these two have been published.

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Odafe Atogun


Ayobami, reading from her book

Stay With Me By Ayobami Adebayo which I have read discusses the theme of Infertility and the length women go to have children. This book would make us question what we have come to call a norm in the society; “Why should a woman bear the burden of both fertility and infertility alone?”

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Aww! I had my book signed. After I was done challenging the status quo. LOL!

I am still reading Odafe’s Taduno’s song. So far it has been an easy read. I have since picked themes of Tyranny, Music, Dictatorship, Military Rule, Love, Power etc.

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Book Nerds. Book Lovers. Spot Me.

STAY WITH ME is on the Shortlist for the the 2017 Bailey Women’s Prize. WE ARE SERIOUSLY ROOTING FOR AYOBAMI ADEBAYO.


What is a book reading without a spoken word poetry? Before the reading began, we had the privilege of listening to the ever graceful Chika Jones do his thing. He did a poem from his soon to be released Poetry collection on Lagos. I will never forget this line from his spoken word;

 “you cannot write about Lagos from Ikeja, because there are things about Lagos you only see at Oshodi.”

unnamed (6)

Chika Jones

unnamed (4)

Yup. My hand is the one up!


Before we called it a wrap, the beautiful Lola Shoneyin, Director of Ouida Books and Author of THE SECRET LIVES OF BABA SEGI’S WIVES (One of my favourite books EVER) talked about the Ouida Undergraduate Project Support Grant.

With the Undergraduate Project Grant, support would be given to Nigerian undergraduates who are interested in exploring new and exciting African novels when writing their final university projects. Every year 20 Nigerian applicants would be supported by providing:

  • a free copy of the book requested
  • an Undergraduate Project Support Grant of N10,000 only
  • support in getting an email interview with the author of the book

In return, they expect a bound, hard copy of the project for our archives AND the author’s permission to publish the project summary on their website so that other researchers who would like to access the project can contact the grantee directly. Click here for more.


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If you are in Lagos, do well to stop by Patabah Book Store, Shop 18 Adeniran Ogunsanya Shopping Mall, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria, for your books.
Follow them on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter for book reading dates.
You also get to meet a lot of book nerds.
Love and Light


  1. Applause!
    Well done Chimdinma… Really lovely. We love your adventures too, so please don’t stop sharing those ones too!
    I enjoyed reading this and learnt a lot; thank you. I hope various organisations also do similar projects that will help to boost the studies of literature and take it to higher heights in the country.
    One day, I am sure, we will also smile as we take pictures at your reading with a lot of people writing about it all. Till then, don’t stop writing.

    1. Awww… Thank you Su’eddie. I hope my dreams become my reality. And Yes, Ouida’s initiative is one others should emulate if they can.

    1. Awww…. Thank you! How am I just seeing this?! My day has been made. Stay With Me is such a beautiful book and for a debut novel it is even better. You can find a way to make her come to Enugu. I believe.

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