Of Untimely Deaths And Accidents.

​Be it in quiet towns like Baga or  Chibok, Or on a Sosoliso plane,  or Dana, In an Orlando nightclub or even at a Manchester concert,

Death comes.

It might look for valid excuses, Like the wrong coordinates of a Nigerian Air Force bomb in Rann, Or the fanaticism of suicide bombers in Manchester, 

Or the stupidity of a driver checking a Whatsapp message on a Lagos street, 

Truth is: death comes. – Chika Jones Onwusoanya.

I’ve been wanting to put up this post for a long time now. But I kept putting it off because I felt it was no longer necessary. 

Then Life happened. I woke up to hear that a virtual friend had passed away. I cried. I was and I am still in pain. Chuka would usually come to my inbox to ask about my Lagos experiences. I wish I talked more. Got the chance to hang out in PH. I wish we had more time. I wish HE had more TIME.

I have lost my best friend and I have still not gotten over it. Problem is, just when you think you are moving on, something else triggers the raw emotions. Every grief becomes new. And the feeling of a previous grief can’t replace the fresh one. It is a complicated cycle. A crazy thing. This death. 

Last week, I was on my way home from work. CMS – AJAH. I had an office errand to run so I decided to stop at Ikate. Tired from the day’s work, I found a comfortable seat and relaxed my self. We were at the Lagos Law School area when the driver lost control of the bus. I had no idea what was going on. I mean, were we not going smoothly few seconds ago? Everyone was screaming. The bus was running into a wall. I was just there thinking: 

Is this how I am going to go? 
Just like this? In a Lagos bus? Molue?!?

I was terrified. 
The front tyre of the bus bursted while the driver was still looking to gain control. We were still running into a wall when the car got stuck. As seen in the pictures. 
I had no idea what had just happened. I was literally having a panic attack. 
I could not help but think of how my life would have been over in a twinkle of an eye. 

I live with this fear. Who is going to be next? To think we are going to live with this uncertainty forever. 

I am tired of grieving. 
I am exhausted.
Death comes. 

Be it in the carelessness of the driver driving the danfo bus


The evil hands of the bitch called cancer

Death comes.


Rest In Peace Chuka Rudy Ngonadi

There is no love and light to share today.


6 thoughts on “Of Untimely Deaths And Accidents.

  1. The darkness persists, but even there, in its greatest fog, is that peace and light. There is the love and light and it still shines above the looming darkness.
    Ndoo, dear Adriel. Ndoo.
    Sometimes, these things don’t pass. They remain hovering but above all, we have grace and know, somehow, we shall get through and find His consolation, His blessings, His peace.
    We remain for a reason. To carry others across in the several seasons that will flog us.
    IT wouldn’t get worse.
    Smile. This burden is for a while but as long as we keep believing, we know, that we do our parts here; cheer ours, and when it is time, move in grace swiftly.

    It only gets better, dear Adriel.
    It only gets better.

    Happy Sunday.

  2. My condolences go out to you. Congratulations for getting the opportunity to live life well. I hope you are more settled now. Shock can have a lasting effect at times. We only pray peace comes to the dead and the bereaved.

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