Every day, African writing, and writing in general, is changing with emerging and lasting shapes and voices. Passionately appealing voices. Excitingly experimental voices. Shockingly welcoming voices. Challengingly avant-garde voices, quite subtle and dangerous at once. All kinds of voices! They are there.

That’s why we are here and you can never imagine how excited we are to have you here, too. If your desire is to be introduced to the voices of a wide variety of writing, especially African writing, the beauty, vigour, multi-faceted nature and style, then let’s just say YOU ARE HOME!

SEVHAGE REVIEWS is dedicated to books by, and not exclusively to, African writers, and how far we can collectively illustrate a significant attention to books published by Africans either based here or abroad. We are back, more refreshed than ever, with an amazing team of reviewers with us, working all round to see the outpouring of new reviews of African books every month.

We are looking for interesting, previously unpublished, and no-word-count reviews of any literary output of the reviewer’s choice. Simply expose your mind to critical reading, listen to your emotions, reflect and recognize the importance of a text and its contents, write and let’s have you published!

While for the decency of honesty we would say there are several other amazing platforms dedicated to a similar cause such as ours, we have the SEVHAGE REVIEWS MONTHLY special for you, which includes Book of the Month, Poem of the Month (by those writing on Facebook), Short Story of the Month and, lastly, Editor’s Pick of the Month. This package comes with some rewards for our lucky, but deserving, winners [namely, short story and Poem of the Month respectively].

However, although our major focus is on reviews, we also make room for submissions of critical essays, poetry, fiction and non-fiction.

All submissions and enquiries should be emailed to innocencenoble@gmail.com or call  +2348179630792.

Reviews of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, interviews, travelogues should be attached as a word document. Submission should be single-spaced format and justified and subject of the email should be ‘Submissions.’ Reviewer’s name, title of work, social media handle and a biography of not more than hundred words, written in the third person. Picture of the reviewer is optional. Same guidelines apply for submissions of literary works other than reviews, vis-à-vis poetry, fiction, non-fiction and other literary outputs.

Please, ensure that your work is properly edited before you send it in.

SEVHAGE REVIEWS is a publication/blog of the SEVHAGE Imprint of Vershage Publishers in collaboration with SEVHAGE Literary and Development Initiative.

If you are looking to publish, have your work edited professionally or you have questions, kindly direct inquiries to sevhage@gmail.com or +2348073580365.

It is our utmost desire that we work together to become part of the thunder announcing to the world that there is always something beautiful rising with the sun in Africa.

Kind regards!

innocence silas katricia


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